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After Tim presented to the Royal Navy aboard HMS Warrior the Vice Admiral, Martin Connell CBE, commented ‘Tim gave a masterclass in self-awareness and resilience by telling his personal life story about his Atlantic row, what he learned about himself and how he is now seeking a renewed purpose in his life. Sincere, thoughtful and charming with powerful and memorable messages applicable to all. I would very much recommend Tim as a speaker and leadership coach.’


About Tim

Endurance Athlete, International Keynote Speaker and former Global Head. 


Tim, a renowned burnout coach, harnesses his extensive experience of overcoming personal challenges to guide individuals and organizations through stress management and resilience building. 


Transitioning from the high-pressure role of global head of a multi-million dollar commodities business to an esteemed coach and accomplished transatlantic rower, despite battling long-term mental health issues, Tim exemplifies resilience.

Burn Out Coach - Go On Go Big
ICF - Associate Certified Coach
Tim Harris - The Burnout Coach

His remarkable achievement of completing the gruelling Atlantic challenge, contrary to doubts about his mental and physical capabilities, and raising £160,000 for teenage mental health, underscores his expertise in confronting and overcoming adversity.

Tim's journey of personal transformation equips him uniquely to address the complexities of workplace stress, change management, and team motivation. His insights are deeply rooted in real-world experiences, making him a sought-after coach for elite organizations worldwide, including the Royal Marines, Royal Navy, Thames Valley Police, Google, The Times, Smartstream, Resinex, City hedge funds, the NHS, mental health charities, and schools.


The Times
Royal Navy
Thames Valley Police
Societe Generale
Stem 4
Titan Wealth
SME Capital
Times Radio

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You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"

His impactful session aboard HMS Warrior, praised by Vice Admiral Martin Connell CBE as a "masterclass in self-awareness and resilience," highlights Tim's ability to connect deeply with his audience through his personal narrative. Tim's dedication to sharing practical, straightforward strategies for building resilience and managing stress is driven by his genuine passion for helping others navigate life's challenges. By inspiring individuals to set ambitious goals, embrace their resilience, step out of their comfort zones, and unlock their potential, Tim not only demonstrates his credibility as a burnout coach but also empowers people to exceed their perceived limits.

Burnout Coach - A accomplished transatlantic rower

“Tim’s approach is enjoyable, highly effective and rewarding. He helped me unearth important and useful action points. Tim challenged me to reflect on my style, particularly picking up on what was unsaid. I value Tim’s use of humour at times, not something one automatically expects in coaching. I always look forward to spending time with Tim.”

Greg Searle, MBE


Olympic & World Championships Gold Medallist, Coach and Speaker 


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Tim Harris Speaking as The Burnout Coach
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